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Backed by more than three decades of global exposure and manufacturing expertise, CAMRY is proud of its lineage.
Established back in 2006 in the Indian capital of New Delhi, Camry had humble beginnings. Today, it has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of bathrooms products globally. The rise has been a culmination of our willingness to learn and our pursuit of the highest order of ethics and values.
Our Company, over the course of its history, has been a regular participant in Indian industry forums and we seek to continuously use our exposure to learn and improve. Having interacted throughout our history with the elite of the industry, we strive to follow the best practices.
Through our focus on Design and Research, we strive to continuously deliver a higher quality of life to all who use our products and services.

The Origin

Born in a middle class family in a small Village in Haryana State of India in 1962, Pawan Jain is the 8th child to his parents. Having grown up with his siblings in a conservative Indian, he was as far away from the world of Business as one could be.
Led by a series of events and an inherent desire to make his own mark on the world, in 1979-80 Pawan Jain left everything behind to move to Delhi, the nation’s capital, to sow the first seeds for what would one day develop into Camry.
Thus began the story of Camry, the company he set up with his hard work and clear vision.

The Struggle

Each step in those initial years marked new struggles and new learning – acquiring a deeper knowledge of processes, workmanship, of markets. In 1980 started SS cold and hot rolling unit in Delhi.
Very soon, we were exploring possibilities. In the time that would follow, our founder, would explore South Indian SS Market on foot – carrying 30 kilos of samples, walking through lanes and by-lanes, presenting our vision, our mantle to merchants and companies – all the while hoping that one was just about to turn a corner.
In the year 1982, having a tough knowledge about the steel market in India, Pawan Jain started manufacturing Stainless Steel Utensils with the sole aim of Quality and only quality.
In the year 1986, one day while having a shower, his eyes struck the rusty brass floor drain through which the shower water was rushing. He decided to make a floor drain for himself with high-quality standards but the same was appreciated by his friends and relatives, he gave up the manufacturing of SS Utensils and introduce India to Stainless Steel Floor Drains.
Perseverance, persistence, and near denial to give up through the most difficult of challenges led to our first breakthrough. The year was 1988 and we were soon rubbing our shoulders with the biggest brands, the most experienced players in the industry, learning as we grew, about impeccable quality standards, unmatchable human values, learning how what we produce is an extension and a culmination of all we began with and all we become.
Then in the next few years, many products are invented like SS Jet Sprays, Cockroach Repeller Floor Drains, Shower Channel Drains, SS Main Hole Covers, and many more
We endeavor today to remember the gloriousness of our journey and its many lessons, for the abundance of courage, for the knowledge of the processes acquired, for the honesty of effort. We aspire today to continue our struggle, to find newer struggles, and to be sincere and faithful in our quest to grow through learning.

Value System

At Camry, we are driven by the passion, the desire to create – a near magical ability to try, test, fail, and pick ourselves up to do it all over again, till we make something that we’re proud of, till we arrive at something- perfect.
What we create speaks for who we are. The strive for perfection in all we create is an extension of the pursuit for excellence we live by. Quality over quantity, relationships and products that last, lending beauty and integrity to all spaces they occupy.
In the spirit that overcomes. Every day a new beginning, exploration of a new idea, the passion that drives us, keeps us afloat, gives us wings where there are no roads…
In being meticulous. Keen attention to detail coupled with a need to be thorough, ensuring we are always well prepared and fully focused.
In love. Loving what you do creates a certain pride in how you do it, the pride ensures in turn that you do what you do with greater love and care still… we believe, in taking personally, how we fare, for it determines how we cared… for our product, our people, our process.

Our Promises

Products and Services that come from Camry have gone through various levels of validation, value addition, testing and inspections so you can be assured that the final delivery is worthy of carrying our name. We take great pride in what we present and are confident of continually delivering on our commitments

• We commit to setting the benchmark for quality globally
• We are human and put unmatchable emphasis on morals and ethics.
• Durability and Reliability – the foundation on which we seek to build long lasting relationships.
• A peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that you are in great hands.

Managing Director

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Director Marketing

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Client's Feedback

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients.

Super Great Quality



Camry products are very good. Their service and sales department is well qualified.



We would like to place it on records that we have purchased Camry Products and found that they are working satisfactorily. We are pleased with the services rendered by the organization, from time to time.

A.B. Hotels

Make high-class and quality products. Wide range of products. Pioneers in SS drainage product and trap. Truly a world-class product range.



Wonderful brand, great quality and great value

Abhishek Shrivastava


Very good Product, unmatched quality, very very good variety in every segment.

Shagun Mathur


We appreciate the aesthetic look, design and superior quality of Camry products.

Elan Limited

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